We can Write your script in English or Spanish








We can develop your script in English or Spanish

Do you have a first draft (or 10th draft) and need to improve it?

Do you feel blocked despite having great ideas?

Do you have a great idea but no one is buying your script?

Maybe you need a script consult or a story editor to help get your script to the next level?

What we Offer:

  • Script Analysis

  • Story Editing

  • Scriptwriting

  • Script Translation

Type of Analysis

General Analysis:

  1. An evaluation form

  2. Dramaturgical analysis accompanied by suggestions

Detailed Analysis:

  1. General Analysis

  2. Detailed notes and suggestions throughout the text regarding script's weaknesses and providing solutions.

Detailed Analysis + Consulting:

  1. Detailed Analysis (General Analysis and Detailed notes and suggestions)

  2. A brainstorming session or script consulting

Story Editor Service:

  1. Close follow up of the whole writing process or re-writing through several consulting session via Skype or email.

  2. Detailed notes during each development stage and project versions.